Looking to build a website but need help with the design and execution?

You're in luck! I will be doing a two hour LIVE workshop for how to design and build a Wordpress website for your business. The website will cover the following:

  • Website design best practices: how people behave online and how your website should be designed to get best results
  • How to implement your branding on your website: how to use colors, fonts, and your imagery to make the biggest impact
  • Step-by-step instructions: how to use Wordpress & Divi theme to build your website

Price: $47

If you're interested in this workshop, sign up below to the waiting list. And you'll be the first to hear any updates and details.. won't be long now, so hold tight. 


A Personal Invitation from Aino...

Hey there!

I'm Aino. You know me as a brand strategist and a designer, but did you know I'm also a UX designer with extensive experience in designing websites, software, and other digital products. 

I worked in branding agencies and large tech companies in San Francisco and in Finland, and picked up a trick or two. With 15 years of experience I've seen it all. My background is a unique combination of building & managing brands and designing (and sometimes also building) websites for large corporations like Autodesk and individuals like voice actors and realtors. 

I welcome you to join the waiting list for my LIVE website design & building workshop to find out more details and upcoming workshop dates.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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